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This wiki has a team of administrators that work together to help maintain and run the wiki. They ensure users are following rules, keep pages good looking, and away from vandalism, and assist users with anything they may need.

Administrators Abilities

Administrators are trusted users, who have access to the following tools:

  • All privileges from the chat moderator and rollback groups.
  • Delete and undelete pages, as well as delete images or files.
  • Lock (protect) both a page and a file so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin-ship privileges.
  • Block users who are vandalizing the wikia from editing, etc.
  • Grant and revoke both the chat moderator rights and forum moderator rights.
  • Edit the wikia's skin and format.
  • Edit MediaWiki pages.

Note: Any bureaucrats on this list are one step up from administrators, and have the additional right to control user rights privileges.

Applying for Administrator

Applications are OPEN!

Interested in becoming one? Feel free to apply on a bureaucrat's message wall using this application. If you have any queries that you would rather address in private, please reach out to the Wiki Staff via email at

Meet the Administrators

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