Aunt Rhombus

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Aunt Rhombus is an unseen character. She is Billy's aunt, but it is unknown which parent's sister, or which parent's brother's wife, she is. Billy only mentions her sometimes.

Mentions of Aunt Rhombus

  • "Zowie Got Game" - Billy visits Olie not to play the games the two friends made up as planned, but to tell the latter the former has to go visit his aunt.
  • "Our Two Dads" - When he visits the Polie children in the backyard and Olie tells him about their Uncle Gizmo's visit, Billy takes pity. Olie questions the pity, and Zowie agrees. Billy says the problem is that aunts and uncles are no fun. The reason is that when his Aunt Rhombus visits him, he has to take three baths, get all dressed up fancy, and sit for "hours" while the grownups do the talking. He mentions such relatives do not know any games.
  • "Square Plane In A Round Hole" - Billy cannot do a plane show with Olie because he has to attend a box lunch at his aunt's, and he cannot fly his toy plane all the way there. After Olie accidentally breaks Billy's plane and his dad tries in vain to fix it, he has to tell the truth. Olie asks how Billy's lunch, Billy mentions it was fine, except for one thing: he fell on the lemon squares by accident.
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