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Binky Break
Season 4, Episode 4c
Binky Break.jpg
Air Date July 31, 2001 (Tuesday)
Written by Dave Dias
Storyboard by François Bruel
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Binky Break is a 3 part 4 section 4 of the season series Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Tuesday, 31 July, 2001.


(Episode begins) (Camera fix and zooms see telly is sanding in the living room) (Turns on and turns off and turns on again) (baby giggles) (button clucking) Billy's mother no binky (button Clucks) (babbling) no playing on Telly (babb's) mom: Zowie you will be babysitting binky while Billy's mom is talking uh m yeah what's job to be baby binky oh that's nice Billy's mom okay will be nice binky yes Billy's mom okay you both have to behave (Zowie giggles) (button clucks) no binky (babbling) binky break pf (giggles) Zowie is putting the remote on the floor next to Vicky binky do you like to dance with me binky (giggles) aw (music is playing) (music stops) (giggles sighs) (music playing again) (music stops again) (music is playing again)(music stops again and giggles) no binky binky break (music stops) binky you in time out uh (binky runs to the kitchen) (doors opens and cosings) (the jars is shaking and stops kicks at other jar) (Binky is playing the trashy) (spins the chairs from kitchen) whee no binky whee binky break (Zowie grabs binkys hand and goes to her room) now binky what you play the fly dolls while get the stuffs out (He grabs her flashlight) no binky break Binky and Zowie are fighting the flashlight (he drops the flashy water) oh Binky I'm sorry Zowie that's okay binky let's go to the living room (Zowie cosed the bathroom door) back in living room with Zowie Dollie and binky (sighs) (babblings) Binky, Billy's mom said no more breaking the things (button beeps) whe oh no binky is spinning I get tell my mom for spinning the binky (uses the wrench) there you go (babbling) now Zowie did execint job for baby sitting the Binky (water from the bathroom) what was that (episode ended)



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Rolie Polie Olie - Binky Break (Spanish Version)

Episode in Spanish Version


Rolie Polie Olie Calling All Space Boys And Blinky Break And Bubble Trouble Closing Credits.!lol.!


  1. Mr. Polie, Olie, and Spot are absent.
  2. Binky and Zowie flooded the bathroom.
  3. Pappy And Billy Bevel doesn't appear in this episode.