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Chili's Cold
Season 1, Episode 11c
Chili's Cold - 0001.png
Air Date December 13, 1998 (Sunday)
April 6, 2012 (US; Disney Junior)
Written by Betty Quan
Story Editor Bonnie Chung
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Chili's Cold is the 33rd episode of Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Sunday, December 13, 1998 year.


After Ollie comes outside to get the newspaper, he says good morning, but get a reply from an unseen crowd (most likely the viewers), to his confusion. As he and Percy, prepare breakfest, Ollie notices that Chilli the refridgerator is sick. He informs Percy, who has Ollie retrieve his tool box. Going into the garage, a toy car greets him, but Ollie cannot play now as he needs dad's tool box to fix Chilli, which then gets Ollie's attention. The car becomes concerned about Chilli, but Ollie ensures it that things will be okay. Unable to fix Chilli, Percy calls the repairman, but he cannot come until tomorrow. Polina arrives and after learning of Chilli's fever, uses a thermoneter to analyze Chilli's temperture and they quickly take all the food out. Spot notices the food and begins taking them outside, all while not being noticed by the Polies. Ollie calls the Bevels for ice and he gets a tray of ice from Billy. Ollie returns home and is greeted by a strong gust of wind, Percy was using the fan to try and cool Chilli off, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Zowie learns of the situation and becomes determined to help. Ollie goes to get more ice and recieves a big chuck of it, but he and Billy have trouble letting go because of how cold it is. Ollie goes into the living room and brings the bad news to the furniture, who are all worried about Chilli. Polina prepares medicene for Chilli while Percy tries to control Chilli's sudden vibrations. After feeding Chilli the medicene, they open him to discover that all the ice has melted. Ollie goes to get more only to see Billu sliding away on another block of ice. The Polies begin to give up, but Zowie shows up with a get well card for Chilli and gives him a big kiss and hug. While Percy helps her do this, Percy sees the true cause of Chilli's sickness: his power cord is unplugged. After Percy plugs it back in, Chilli quickly recovers. The Polies believe Zowie's cure worked, with Percy playing along with it. They and the furniture celebrate Chilli's recovery. This gets Pappy's attention and after learning of the situation, joins in. As they decide to celebrate with a feast, they discover that all the food is gone. They suddenly find Spot, now really fattened up, stuck in the dog door while the remains of the food are found outside. Zowie attempts to cure Spot with a hug and kiss, but nothing happens. Despite this, Zowie lets it slide and continues celebrating with her family. Meanwhile, Billy is stuck on the biggest ice cube freezing, yells "Olie! Where are you? I'm freezing out here! OLIE! C-C-Cold!", as the episode ends.


Chili, Chili, Cha-Cha - Brent Barkman/Pete Coulman


- Olie Polie

- Zowie Polie

- Polina Polie (Olie's Mom)

- Percy Polie (Olie's Dad)

- Spot

- Billy Bevel

- Pappy

- Chili



Rolie Polie Olie - Chill's Cold (Polish version)

Episode in Polish version