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Coochie is one of the twins that the Polie family adopted. She is one of the twins and the the other one is Coo. Coochie is the older twin. Coochie along with Coo was adopted by the Polies in the movie The Baby Bot Chase and appeared in a few season 6 episodes. She is voiced by Julie Lemieux.


Coochie looks very similar to her brother, except she's pink instead of blue. Also she is a little taller and chubbier then Coo in some scenes. She wears a white diaper and one strand of curly pink hair.


Due to the fact that she is a baby, she doesn't seem to have much of a personality, but she appears to be playful and mischivious, like her brother. She also loves the Polie Family. Her most favorite thing to do is play with her twin brother Coo and her adoptive older siblings Olie and Zowie.


  • *Coochie's name like Coo's is a pun of "coochie coochie coo", what people say to babies, toddlers and small children when they're tickling them.
  • Coochie and Coo are the first baby characters in the show from Season 6.
  • Coochie doesn’t like carrots.
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