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Cutie Go Bye-Bye
Season 2, Episode 5c
Air Date January 3, 1999 (Wednesday)
Written by Carol Commisso
Storyboard by Steve Remen
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Cutie Go Bye-Bye is the 54th episode of Rolie Polie Olie.


Zowie's favorite doll goes missing, which makes Zowie feel sad, and Olie must find it.


Cutie is taken away, by Billy and Olie, and they have Zowie's crying doll, but Zowie's parents are in the kitchen, and Spot naps, and Zowie starts to cry. Percy asks what was all the hullaballoo. And Zowie asks where was her cutie dolly and says, "Where Cutie Dolly? Cutie-go-bye-bye!" Polina says that Cutie has to be there somewhere, Percy says that Cutie cries a lot, so Olie, Billy, Zowie, Polina, and Percy look for Cutie, but she is still sad. She continues to say cutie-go-bye-bye and says that she will never see Cutie again. So Olie and Billy go to the kitchen and find out what's wrong and Olie says to Zowie that she is sorry, but Zowie begins to cry again. So it's up to Olie and Billy to find Cutie before Cutie cries and Zowie will be super happy.



  • Pappy doesn't appear in this episode.
  • This episode's plot is similar to the Bear in the Big Blue House episode, Lost Thing.


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