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Electric Kettle
Electric Kettle.png
Vital statistics
Species Electric kettle
Gender (assumed) Male
Appearance Spherical metal teapot-ish pitcher with eyes on a base with a switch and four "wheels"[1]
Location The Kitchen

The Electric Kettle is a character that resides in in the kitchen. His normal location is next to Teapot on the left kitchen self, right below the cabinets. He can raise himself and rotate to pour stuff in by himself. In season 1, he used to reside on the kitchen table, and sometimes the counter below his normal location.

Little Sister, Big Bother

After Olie sits down for breakfast, he hops to Olie and pours some orange juice in a cup for him. He looks at Olie from above when Olie gets up and leaves (before he finishes his breakfast appearently) due to being a "later tater" for school.

Hopin' and a Hoppin'

One shot, while Olie is hopping through the entire kitchen, shows him moving to the beat with everything else. Another scene shows him outside on the frontyard table, surrounded by cups of lemonade. After the Polies take them all, he hops off the table, bounces on the ground, and then pours some lemonade in's Spot's dog bowl by raising himself to reach it from above.

Universal Spot

After Toasty and Chili agree to get rid of the Universal Remote-O-Matic for their reasons, he watches with The Blender, Popper, and The Pitcher as Toasty slowly pushes it into Trashy.

What to Be

He can be seen looking at Olie as he begins conducting as a musician. He joins in the harmonic whirs and bangs when the music starts. He is then seen spinning around the blender when Spot causes the music to speed up rapidly.

Baby Talk

There is a brief shot of him and Teapot moving to the beat when Olie and Billy are learning how to speak baby talk, Binky's natural language.


He is seen on the table, being idle as Percy and Polina sleep with Coochie and Coo in their arms after finally getting them tuckered out. Later, Zowie is carrying him while opening Chili's door. It is assumed Zowie was going to fill him with a drink. However, she is stopped from doing this because they have to be quiet, and Polina puts Electric Kettle back on the table quietly.


  • This fact is incorrect. The four half-spheres below his base are really just stands. He always hops when he moves.
  • This character is very inactive. Not much is known about him, so his name is not yet confirmed.
    • This character never blinks on screen.
  • This character might not be an electric kettle, but rather a juice pitcher that looks like a kettle. He always pours juice and he is never see functioning like a kettle.