Fifi is Pollie Pie's pet poodle. Spot's friend. Sometimes he meets Dicey too. She loves to play with Spot and the children. She will chase Dicey as well. She speaks with an French accent. She is voiced by Susan Roman.


Fifi is quite different from Spot - pink color (with a blue stripe).


  • Susan Roman (with an French accent)

Fun Facts

  • Fifi is from William Joyce's Rolie Polie Olie. to have picture format for to be filmed in 4:3 Full-Screen Edition on 1.33:1 Full Frame Version on aspect ratio


  • Fifi is very similar to Dog Poodle from Nickelodeon's Rugrats and the Goose from DreamWorks Animation 2010 theatrical feature film Shrek Forever After.
  • Fifi was Pollie Pi's pet can be picture format to be filmed in 4:3 Full-Screen Edition for Full Frame Version on aspect ratio screen.
  • Fifi is  also similar to Snowy, a dog who is also in a Nelvana show The Adventures of Tintin. However, although their effects were performed by the same voice actress, Susan Roman, the two dogs are different in gender, appearance and character: Fifi is CGi, pink, reluctant and is female, while Snowy is Traditionally animated, a Fox terrier, brave, white and is male.

The most important achievements

Spot saves Fifi.jpg
Fifi rescued by Spot.
Fifi and Spot.jpg
Friendship Fifi and Spot.
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