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Gizmo is an Elvis-like character. He’s Olie, Zowie, Coochie and Coo’s uncle, Polina’s brother-in-law, Percy's older brother, Aunt Polie Anna’s older nephew and Pappy's older son who has lots of magic and uses it to have fun. He speaks with a Tennessee accent like Elvis. His catchphrase is "Just follow the Giz! He's where the action (or whatever is substituted) is."

He is one of the two tetartagonists of Rolie Polie Olie, one of the deuteragonists of The Great Defender of Fun and one of the tritagonists of The Baby Bot Chase.


Gizmo looks similar to Percy, but now he has tall, black, hair and he speaks differently.


  • He is a cameo character in the first season, debuting in Our Two Dads in a major role and a minor role in Season 2, only appearing in both A Little Souped Coup-y and Beach Blanket Gizmo as the main protagonist. Starting the third season, he has an ascended extra as a recurring character.
  • He appears on The Baby Bot Chase, while trying to get the float ready for the Family Frolic Day Parade. He has minimal appearances after having a major role in The Great Defender of Fun.

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