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Has Anybody Seen My Coo?
Season 6, Episode 12
Air Date April 28, 2004
Directed by Ron Pitts
Written by Christophe Villez
Storyboard by Scott Kraft
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Babies Go Home

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Has Anybody Seen My Coo? is the 71st episode of Rolie Polie Olie.


The Polie's take Coochie and Coo back to where they came from.


Look out Baxter! The Bevels watch in shock as two bouncing babies wreak havoc on their house. The adorable twins are Coochie and Coo, two lost tots that Olie and Zowie found when they were out looking for a Family Frolic Day present for Mom and Dad. These two bots are cute as a cotter pin and slipper as greased lightening. They roll, bounce and even float, with the help of a propeller on the top of their antennae. The Polies and Bevels finally corral the bouncing babies and prepare to take them back where they came from a job that turns out to be easier said than done. While Space Boy responds to the baby's caretakers call for help, the Polies struggle through dydee changes, bloats, floats and blaps, feedings and even a runaway stroller chase through the park. Even Super Zowie gets in on the act. Finally Coochie and Coo are dydeed, oiled, and fed. They're ready to head back where they came from after a little Polie Family floating cha-cha around the front yard.



  • This is the last episode of the whole series.
  • This episode uses the clips from The Baby Bot Chase movie which was released before this was made.




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