Rolie Polie Olie Wiki

(We start with a shot of Olie's toy castle in his bedroom. Olie then puts a toy dragon down in front of it.)

Olie (speaking in a raspy voice): I am the fire breathing dragon! Give me the damsel or I'll burn down your castle!

Olie (then holding up a female toy and speaking in a high-pitched voice): Oh please! I'm too young to be eaten!

(Olie then turns one of the toy guards in the castle towers towards the dragon): Oh come out yourself, Lizard Breath!

(We are then given a full view of Olie as he returns to voicing the toy dragon).

Olie (in his dragon voice): Alright then. I'm gonna huff... and I'll puff... and blow...

(Suddenly, Olie lets out a hiccup, to his surprise. He then lets out another hiccup a second later).

Olie: I'll huff and I'll... *hic*... and I'll... *hic*... blow! *Hiccup*!

(After a moment, Olie begins to giggle in amusement at his hiccups, as does his castle and dragon.)

Olie: Hey. I've got *hic* hiccups. Gee Whiz! (He begins hiccupping more and more as his furniture and toys keep laughing and giggling at him. He giggles as well and spins around in a circle on one foot. We then cut to Zoey's room where she's dressing up a very reluctant Spot in a baby's bonnet.)

Zoey (Holding and shaking a baby bottle in her hands): Yum, yum, baby! Yum, yum! (turns it to Spot, who sniffs the bottle) Okey-dokey, baby. (Spot sniffs the bottle again and then huffs in disgust as he looks away. We then see Olie's shadow approaching Zoey's bedroom door as he giggles in amusement.)

Olie: I'll trick Zoey. (He then silently opens the door so he can see Zoey, who's still trying to make Spot drink from the bottle.)

Zoey: Not good baby, but bestest baby! (Olie then lets out a hiccup, getting Zoey's attention. She shakes the bottle in surprise.) Hickety-up? (Turns to Spot) Baby hickety-up?

(Olie then hiccups again. This time, Spot also hears and begins looking around in equal surprise, causing Olie to giggle quietly from beside Zoey's doorway. Zoey then stands up, giggles and moves over to her toy elephant.)

Zoey: Hickety-up, elephant? (she giggles as, behind her, Spot quickly removes the baby bonnet he'd been made to wear. Now free, he barks and bounds out into the hallway where Olie's still giggling. Olie then leans into Zoey's room with a toy Jack-in-the Box and puts it down near one of Zoey's shelves by stretching his arms, giggling as he does. After a moment, the jack-in-the box pops up as Olie lets out two hiccups, surprising Zoey. She hurries over as Olie watches and silently giggles again. After watching the jack bouncing up and down and side-to-side, mimicking the latter, Zoey hears Olie hiccup again. Now understanding what's going on, she gets a sly look on her face and then sneaks up behind the still giggling quietly Olie before she pokes his back.)

Olie (doubling over slightly while still smiling): Ouch, Zoey!

Zoey: Olie Hickety-up! Olie! Olie! (Olie giggles while still bent over as he then hiccups roughly three more times, causing Zoey to giggle even more. Still giggling, both Polie siblings run into Zoey's room as we pan over to the staircase where we hear Olie's best friend, Billy, calling up the stairs).

Billy: Olie? Olie?

Olie (hearing his best friend's voice): In here, Billy! (Billy then comes in and waves to Olie and Zoey).

Billy: Howdy!

Olie: *Hiccup*

(Surprised, Billy looks at his best friend before realizing what's going on himself.)

Billy: Hey! Olie, you've got the hiccups!

Olie (pretending to be offended): No, I don't! (He then lets out a hiccup).

Billy: Yes you do. I heard 'em.

Zoey: Olie hickety-up! (this causes all three kids to laugh and giggle in amusement, Olie letting out a hiccup every so often while doing so.).

Olie: Hey, listen to this! (He begins trying to say a tongue twister) Rubber baby buggy *hiccup* (He, Billy, Zoey and Zoey's toys and furniture all begin laughing and giggling at this).

Billy: Wow-ee! I want the hiccups too! How'd you get 'em, Olie?

Olie: Well *hic* I was kinda breathing in *hic* and out *hic* at the same time.

Billy: Like this? (He begins trying to breathe in and out at the same time rapidly.)

Olie: Go, Billy. *hic* Go! (Billy keeps breathing in and out rapidly.)

Billy (still breathing in and out all at once): I... I can feel it! (After a moment, he merely lets out a burp.)

Zoey: Excuse me.

(Billy looks sheepish as Olie giggles.)

Olie: Didn't work.

Billy: Yeah, but I feel better. (the trio begin laughing again as we iris out. After a moment, we then switch to the kitchen/dining room where we see three chocolate ball-shaped objects with smiley-faces on them. Olie, Zoey and Billy each take one, evidently this is a snack for them. While Billy and Zoey eat theirs with no problem, Olie lets out a hiccup, causing him to throw his onto the second table nearby, bounce off the vase and come back to the trio's table, where it bounces and then falls into Spot's mouth, prompting the pup to eat it in one gulp).

Olie: Oops. (props his head on his hands in dismay while propping his elbows on the table. He then hiccups again as his mom, Polina, comes up to them, carrying a pitcher with her.)

Polina: Sounds like you have the hiccups, Olie.

Olie: (merely nods and mumbles in response).

Billy: Yeah. Aren't they great, Mrs. Polie? (Polina looks surprised by Billy's remark but then smiles again).

Polina: Who wants fruit punch? (holds up the pitcher she's carrying).

(Both Billy and Zoey happily accept some punch.)

Olie (while shaking his head): No thanks, Mom. Can I *hiccup*

Billy: Sure *giggles* you can hiccup, Olie.

(Olie, likely knowing Billy's joking, merely smirks as Polina comes up to him).

Olie: I mean, can I have some *hiccup*

Billy: *giggles* I'd like some hiccups too, please.

Zoey: *giggles* Hickety-up, please. (holds up her own glass)

(Olie shakes his head in annoyance)

Olie: Some *hic* (he looks down in dismay as Billy and Zoey smile even more).

Zoey: Mmmm. Hickety-up.

Billy: Mmmm.

(Olie shakes his head even more, a look of both dismay and frustration on his face now as he visibly shakes in desperation).

Olie: No! I mean *hic!*

Billy + Zoey: *giggle*.

Polina (pours some punch into the defeated-looking Olie's glass): This might help.

(Olie looks at her and then raises his glass to take a drink. He manages to do so, only to hiccup after removing the cup from his mouth. This causes him to glare and start breathing rapidly and furiously. He tries to take another sip, prompting another hiccup as soon as the cup's close enough to his mouth. After this, he hiccups numerous times as Billy and Zoey both giggle in amusement before he slams his cup down in defeat.)

Polina: Awww... Those hiccups starting to get you down?

Olie: "Hiccup* *Hiccup*.

(We then iris out and turn to Olie laying on his back in the living room, a look of dismay on his face as Billy and Spot both watch him, Billy from the sofa and Spot from beside Olie himself. Olie then lets out more hiccups, each one causing him to jump and turn in a half circle with each one.)

Olie: I'm gonna have *hiccup* for a million years. (Sits up while talking).

Billy: I could scare them out of you.

(Olie perks up at this idea).

Olie: You can? (After a moment, he then gets a confused expression on his face). Billy?

(We then see Billy has left the sofa. Olie stands up and then begins looking around for his friend.)

Olie: Billy? *hiccup*

(Olie then begins backing towards the purple and blue striped chair while looking around for Billy in front of him, his head turning from side-to-side as he keeps backing away, still hiccupping. We then cut to the chair as Billy pops up while standing on the other side of it.)

Billy: BOO! Woah!

(At that moment, he leans too far forward, causing the chair to pitch itself and Billy to the floor as Olie moves out of the way. After the chair lands, Billy shakes his head, clearly alright before smiling at his best friend, who looks crestfallen.)

Billy: See? Works every time.

Olie: *Hiccup* (Turns and walks away)

Billy: Most times. (Iris out).

(We then cut to Olie sitting on the back porch, still looking crestfallen over his still present hiccups. He sighs in dismay just before Billy pops his head through the doggie door).

Billy: BOO!!!

(While the Polie Family's grill is so shocked, it rolls off the porch, Olie still remains dismayed as he lets out a dismayed sigh.)

Billy: Worked that time.

(Olie turns to look at him. He hiccups once and then turns away again).

Billy: Almost did. (Tries and fails to pull his head out of the doggie door). Olie? I think my head's stuck.

(We then cut to a view of the garden hose on the side of Housey. Billy stands near the valve and Olie is shown holding the other end nearby.)

Billy: Drinking lots of water always works. (he gives a salute to Olie, who then takes a deep breath and aims the nozzle at his mouth while Billy turns the hose on.)

(Olie then begins drinking the water coming from the hose, audibly gulping it down. As he keeps drinking more and more, his belly slowly and visibly begins to expand and swell. As it grows larger, Billy, alarmed, quickly shuts off the water as Olie puts his end of the hose down, clearly bloated from the massive amount of water he's just guzzled.)

Olie (His belly audibly sloshing with almost each movement): It worked, Billy! It really worked! My hiccups are gone! (Billy runs up to him.)

Billy: What'd I tell ya?

Olie: You're a genius Billy! A real *Hiccup!*

(Olie lets out a big hiccup, jolting him somewhat and causing him and Billy to frown in dismay. Then, Olie's massive, waterlogged belly lets out an audible gurgle as it jiggles slightly due to all the water in it.)

Billy: Well... maybe not a genius.

(After a moment, Olie begins slowly, almost waddlingly, moving towards Housey, his body sloshing, springing and bouncing with each waterlogged step, still frowning as he does so.)

Olie: Now, I've gotta go to the bathroom.