Rolie Polie Olie Wiki

Olie: Okay, Zowie, you have to try and find Spot.

Zowie: Okey dokey, Olie!

Olie: Hot, hot, hot! Cold, cold, cold! Getting hotter! Cold! Getting colder again, Zowie.

Zowie: Cold, Olie?

Olie: Yep. You already look behind there.

Percy: You get hotter when you get closer...

Olie: And colder when you get farther away!

Zowie: (Laughing) Zowie cold?

Olie: Freezing! ‘Cause not even near what you’re supposed to find.

Zowie: (Laughing)

Olie: Warmer, warmer, hot, hotter, bubbling, boiling!

Zowie: Zowie find Spot!

Percy: You betcha. Well, guess I better skedadle.

Olie: Where to, Percy?

Percy: Hardware store, Olie. Have to find a gear for Pappy.

Olie: Pappy lost a gear?

Percy: Afraid so, and without it, every time he takes a step, he kicks himself in the pants.

Olie: Ouch, poor Pappy.

Percy: Yep, promise to find a new gear. But Rolie Polie parts as old as Pappy are hard to find. And speaking of hard to find, anyone seen my car keys?

Olie: Your keys are lost? Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll find your missing keys lickety-split.