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Itty Bitty Baby Starry
Season 3, Episode 3c
Itty Bitty Baby Starry.jpg
Air Date September 28, 2000 (Thursday)
Written by Melissa Clark
Storyboard by Andrew Tan
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Itty Bitty Baby Starry is the episode from A Jingle Jangle Holiday.

The premiere of this episode took place on Thursday, September 28, 2000 year.


A baby star falls straight toward Polieville.


The Polies learn of a lost baby star heading to Polieville. Zowie grows worried about Starry. The next morning, Starry crash lands in the Polies' front yard with Spot barking around him. The Polies approach Starry, who is deeply homesick. They bring Starry into the kitchen, where Zowie helps comfort Starry. Pappy suddenly shows up. While the Polies try to think of a way to return Starry home, the bowling ball polisher fires the ball that it was polishing outside into space. This gives Ollie an idea. In the garage, the Polies get to work powering up the polisher so they can use it like a cannon to launch Starry into space to where his parents are, and whoever takes him home can float back down to Polieville using Pappy's outer space umbrella. Pappy volenteers to do it, since its his umbrella. While spending time in Zowie's room, Zowie begins to bond with Starry. When Polina appears and announces that they are ready to return Starry, Zowie is disappointed that she has to say goodbye to Starry, but understands that he needs to go home. Once out in the backyard, Pappy and Starry are loaded into the polisher. After Zowie finishes a countdown, the polisher fires, sending the two into space. As the Polies watch through the telescope, they see Starry's parents and even better, Pappy and Starry have made it. After dropping Starry off, Pappy then parachutes back down using his umbrella. Everyone heads back outside to see Pappy, whom Zowie embraces. Pappy also reveals that he brought back the ball that got shot into space, which he hands to Polina. The episode ends with Zoiwe welcoming Starry home as the camera panes up to show Starry and his parents.


  • Olie Polie (Voiced by Cole Caplan)
  • Zowie Polie (Voiced by Kristen Bone)
  • Polina Polie (Olie's Mom) (Voiced by Catherine Disher with a Midwestern accent)
  • Percy Polie (Olie's Dad) (Voiced by Adrian Truss)
  • Spot (Voiced by Robert Smith)
  • Pappy (Voiced by the late Len Carlson)
  • Housey
  • Stary


  • Billy Bevel doesn't appear in this episode.
  • The Polies could've though of using Coupey to get to space.
    • Since Coupey does not appear in this episode, it is presumed that he may be at a repair shop, meaning that he is unavailable at this time.


  • After Pappy and Percy explain their plan to send Starry home, the chalkboard is shown completely blank.


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