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Lost and Found
Season 4, Episode 7b
Lost and Found.jpg
Air Date August 30, 2001 (Thursday)
Written by Nicola Barton
Storyboard by François Bruel
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Treasure of the Rolie Polie Madre
Zowie's Petals

Lost and Found is the 2nd part of the 47th episode of the Rolie Polie Olie series.

The premiere of this episode took place on Thursday, August 30, 2001


Uh-oh, Olie has lost his favorite toy. Asteroidbot may not be able to move or anything, but he's extra special cause he belonged to Dad when Dad was just kneehigh to a jackhammer. Now what? Olie, Billy, Dad and Spot look everywhere, but they just can't find him. Looks like he's disappeared without a trace. But it's a good thing Spot doesn't give up as easily as the rest of the bots.



  1. The same episode title also has "Regular Show", "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls", "DC Super Hero Girls: Super Shorts" and Spidey and His Amazing Friends.
  2. The same title has a serial available on the Netflix platform.
  3. The same title has a program modeled on the book broadcast in the European version of TBN television.
  4. Zowie And Polina was absent on this episode.
  5. Pappy doesn't appear on this episode.