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Season 6, Episode 1b
Air Date September 21, 2002 (Saturday)
Written by Michael Stokes
Storyboard by Christophe Villez
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Magnetitus - 2 part 62 episode of Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Saturday 21 September 2002.


When Screwy comes down with a case of Magnetitus. It spreads all over the kids including Olie.


The episode starts off at school, Screwy on the other hand was feeling unwell. As it turns out, he has a case of Magnetitus, Miss Triangle explains that germs are what give someone magnetitus. She suggest the students to draw what a germ looks like while she calls Screwy's mom and dad. While they're at it, Screwy starts grabbing things with the magnetism, then, he sneezes on Pollie.

Olie, Billy and Polie walk home from school, Olie starts defending the germs, but, then Pollie was slowing down, Billy thinks that she has caught Screwy's Magnetius, But, Pollie protests, but, she sneezed on Billy with Olie avoiding the sneeze.

At one point, Olie and Billy are walking home and Billy had caught Magnetius, Olie starts defending the germs. But, then, when the blocks stick on Billy, Olie calls Billy's mother.

Sometime later, Olie was making a Perky-Up Card for Billy. Olie's mother worries about Olie who is gonna catch Magnetius too. But, she gets an idea to protect him.

Eventually, Olie was wearing safety gear and Billy wakes up and then, he begins to sneeze, Olie was ready, but, then, Billy sneezed on Olie.

The next morning, Olie woke up feeling unwell. When, he went to brush his teeth, the stuff sticks on him, and he calls for his mom.

At one point, Dr Callinghouse came over and tells Olie to take the repellicillin and reminds him to take his nose off. But, after he left, Olie went to bed, but, then everything started chasing him and he collided with his family and Olie would like to take the repellicillin right now!

Eventually, they taped, boarded, nailed and strapped the stuff together, so the magnet effects won't get Olie again. Olie takes the repellicillin, Billy and Pollie showed up with Perky-Up Cards, upon recovering from the Magnetius. Olie sneezed and apologizes for sneezing, Billy said that when someone gets Magnetius, they can't get it again. Olie then sneezes on Spot and Zowie gave Olie a Perky-Up Card. Then, Spot gets chased by the stuff, due to the one catching Magnetius.


- Olie Polie

- Zowie Polie

- Polina Polie (Olie's Mom)

- Percy Polie (Olie's Dad)

- Spot

- Bonita Bevel

- Billy Bevel

- Binky Bevel

- Pollie Pi

- Screwy

- Mrs. Triangle

- Doctor Geary

- Telly

- Sofert

- Musicer

- Lampy (tall)

- Lampy (table)

- Teddy bot

- Frotey

- Toy robots

- Housey

- Flowies (disambiguation)

- Oval Bbq


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  1. Olie Polie caught up with Billy Bevel.
  2. The mess was felt throughout the house and garden.
  3. This is the last appearance of Doctor Callinghouse.