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Mother Giz
Season 6, Episode 2c
Mother Giz.jpg
Air Date November 17, 2002 (Sunday)
Written by Steve Sullivan
Storyboard by François Bruel
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Mother Giz is a 3 part 62 episode of Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Sunday, November 17, 2002 year.


Mom and Dad go dancing.


Its a rockin boppin day in Polieland! Polina, Percy, Bonita and Baxter Bevel are off to the Polieville Park to boogie the night away. The kids are very happy to know that their Uncle Gizmo will be babysitting. From motorcycle rides atop Giz, and marching to the beat of instruments . . .Uncle Giz uses his magic to lead the kids through a whirlwind of song, dance, and nursery rhyme adventures.


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Who is centered in this episode


  • This was the last episode to premiere an airdate in 2002.
  • This is the last episode Gizmo has a major role in the original series to date.