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Pappy Polie

Pappy Polie is an elderly robot. He’s the grandfather of Olie, Zowie, Coochie and Coo, the father-in-law of Polina, the older brother of Aunt Polie Anna and father of Percy and Gizmo. He is a recurring character in Rolie Polie Olie and one of the deuteragonists of The Great Defender of Fun.


He’s round and mostly orange like all the other polies. Since he is an elderly robot, he is a tad slumped over and walks with short steps. His antenna is all twisted and his eyes are bigger with the whites showing, unlike most other bots. He has small curly cues for hair on his head with a tag nut.


Pappy is always in a good mood. He loves sweets whenever he tries to eat his teeth pops out and eats it. He’s adventurous and cheerful. In addition, he is a very wise character and a real role model to Olie and Zowie.