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Screwy is a former antagonist from the Rolie Polie Olie series. He made his debut in an episode of the same name. He is voiced by Noah Reid. He is one of the tritagonists of The Great Defender of Fun and a cameo character in The Baby Bot Chase.


When Screwy first appears he is mean, often picking on Olie and Olie's friends, especially Billy. This is seen in the episode Screwy Day where he picks on Billy for being square, calling him pointy. He also likes parties. In The Great Defender of Fun, Olie, Zowie and Billy invited him to Zowie's 3rd birthday. In the final season 5 episode Orb's Well That Ends Well, Screwy says he mean because he feels like no one wants to be his friend after hearing this Olie, Pollie, and Billy say they will be his friends. After making some friends he is nicer. Despite being mean in his earlier appearances he never bullies the younger kids so it seems like he has a soft spot for little children. Olie, Pollie and Billy are his closest friends and in season 6 he became more confident and becomes a part of the gang. He seems to be neutral towards Zowie, Wheelie and Binky but he had hung out with Wheelie in a few episodes and they seem to be good friends. He tends to have good ideas suvh as holding Olie and Billy's hands to form a whirly, twirly copter and the idea was a success. He tends to be stubborn like in on episode Polina Polie warned Olie, Billy, Screwy and Zowie if they burp on purpose eventually there head will pop out, Screwy ignores her and does it anyway, causing his head to come off, at first he thinks it's cool but this causes him, Olie and Billy to miss out on Space Boy.


  • Screwy is the only character who has a hexagon-shaped-head.
  • Screwy's house is seen in both The Great Defender of Fun, and The Baby Bot Chase.
  • In Screwy Day, Screwy is picking on Billy, this causes Olie to punch Screwy. Olie apologies later in the episode.