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Spot's Birthday
Season 1, Episode 7a
Spot's Birthday - 0001.png
Air Date November 15, 1998 (Friday)
April 2, 2012 (US; Disney Junior)
Directed by Mike Fallows
Written by Bonnie Chung
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It's Spot's Birthday. Olie tells spot happy birthday and three of the other polies say "Surprise!". Spot opens one of his birthday gifts. Zowie takes two red ribbons off Spot's ears. Dad remembers the day the Polies brought Spot home. The camera zooms to the picture of the polies. Olie would feed spot and wash him and walk him and teach him how to play catch. Maybe the Polies should call him "Spot". Olie tries to play catch with Spot, but spot digs a hole in the grass. Olie tries to get spot out of the hole, but spot made another hole in the ground. One of the Polies grabs Olie's foot and pulls him to the hole. Spot licks Olie's head. Olie retries to play catch with spot, but Spot catches Stooly. Olie tries to go to catch spot the ball, but Spot runs to olie and crashes him and the box of chewies. The chewies are spilled onto the floor, and Spot hides under a colander. Olie would clean the floor up. Spot plays in his basket-playpen.

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  1. Have a Rolie Polie Birthday - Performed by Brent Barkman




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