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Vital statistics
Species Teapot
Gender (assumed) Male
Appearance A yellow teapot with black circular eyes and a mouth
Location The Kitchen

Teapot is a character that resides in in the kitchen. His normal location is next to Electric Kettle on the left kitchen self, right below the cabinets.

Baby Talk

There is a brief shot of him and Electric Kettle moving to the beat when Olie and Billy are learning how to speak baby talk, Binky's natural language.

Mother Giz

Him, The Canisters, and several dishes and spoons begin hopping outside and in a circle as the "jam session" is going on with Uncle Gizmo/"Mother Giz", Olie, Zowie, Billy, Binky, and Spot.

Bot O' The Housey

After Big Wally's gears go out of whack and go way too fast, he (in a sugar way) begins hopping across the kitchen counter while The Blender spins wildly.

The Baby Bot Chase/Has Anyone Seen My Coo?

After Tray grabs Coo, who was on the ceiling (he was floating due to being expanded like a balloon), The Blender, Popper, and Teapot all decide to get on the table and look at Coo. Coo then proceeds to take Teapot and drink his contents out of his sprout, which isn't very tasty (to Coo, at least), causing Coo to cry. Luckily, he is cheered up when Chili gives him all of the food inside him. ALL of it. (Chili gets emptied after a minute.)


  • This character's name is not yet confirmed.