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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Use this template for the gallery section in episode pages to link to the full gallery.

Usage: {{Gallery|picture|size=|link=|name=}}

  • picture is the name of the picture, without "Image:" or "File" in front of it
  • size is the size of the picture, with "px" at the end (example: 300px). Default is 300px. Other size choices:
    • widescreen or wide or 16:9 = 400px
    • fullscreen or full or 4:3 = 300px
  • link changes where the template links to.
  • name is the subject of the gallery.

The size, link and name parameter names must be in lower case. SIZE or Link will not work. The information for the link parameter must match the page being linked to (oLiE pOlIe would not work because the page is Olie Polie).

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