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This is a complete transcript of the movie The Great Defender of Fun. Transcribed by Leo2468.


♫ Way up high in the Rolie Polie sky... ♫

♫ Howdy ♫ ♫ Howdy ♫

♫ Hooray ♫ ♫ Hooray ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid around ♫

♫He's Rolie Polie Olie ♫

♫ He's small and smart and round ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid around ♫

♫ Howdy ♫ ♫ Howdy ♫

♫ Hooray ♫ ♫ Hooray ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid around ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid ♫

♫ The swellest kid around. ♫

♫ Whee! ♫

♫ Way up high in the Rolie Polie sky ♫

TV ANNOUNCER: The faraway Galaxy of Goofs

has been invaded by the dark force

the master of gloom, the pirate of pleasure

the worst-est, bad-est bot in the universe: Gloomius Maximus!

A crushingly glum ho-ho-hum to everyone!


With his unfunnerators

he can suck the fun out of everything!

If someone doesn't stop him

the Galaxy of Goofs may turn into a shadowy glum place

just like the Galaxy of Gloom.

Looks like things could use a little cheering up around here.

Huh, Space Dog?


Ha-ha howdy!

Drat and double drat.

Space Boy and Space Dog.

Ready for some giggles, Gloomius?

( barking and laughing)

ANNOUNCER: All you Space Pals out there in T.V. land

help our space heroes and the Galaxy of Goofs.

Save their fun.

Give them your best-est hardy-har-har.

Let's all laugh

Gloomius right out of here'd here-here.

(laughing and giggling)

(laughing and barking)

Halt those hee-haws!

Cease the guffaws!

(laughing continues)

Scrap that happy cackle!

( chuckling)

Arrgh! Well... your fun has won this time.

But you won't get the last laugh, Space Cadets.

I'm warning you and all your Space Pals.

That's us, Billy.

We're Space Boy's Space Pals.

SPACE BOY: Ha ha ha. So long, Gloomius.

Have a good trip.

Yay! Hurray!

That was the greatest.

I think it's my favorite-est episod


Fun, fun, fun!


Now how's about you kids give me a hand

as soon as the show's over?

There's party hats that need buffin"

and bots that need invitin'.

Cause it's somebody's birthday party tomorrow.


Me gonna be thi-i-i-is big.


What a big girl.

Zowie's Birthday!

Thanks, Space Pals. That was a close one.

We won this time, but the worst is yet to come.

Gloomius" new secret weapon is a super powerful

ultra Gloomerator Glum Beam.

What's that?

If you get zapped

first you get way down in the downy dumps.

Then you get all bluesie.

Then you get snoozie, and you can't wake up.

Whoa, that's really bad.

Remember, if you get in a jam, call the Space Boy hot line.

Afterburners don't fail me now!

TV ANNOUNCER: Join us next time for another exciting Space Boy adventure!

And remember to do your best

'cause that's the best you can do.

ALL: 'Cause that's the best we can do!

OLIE: Invitations loaded. Ready to rocket.

Five, four, three, two, one.

ZOWIE: Five, three, one, ten!

-Off! Off! -Blast off!

Zowie's Birthday!

Swell! A birthday bonanza!

Zowie's Birthday!

Well, toot to you too!

Whoa, whoooaa, whoooaa.

Zowie's Birthday!

Party for Zowie! All righty!

Lea pin" lugnuts! Mail's coming in.

Whoa! Come here you.

Ha-ha, ah... gotcha!

Oh no!

Oh... hey!

It's going out!


Unidentified flying doohickey off the starboard bow!

Oh, what's this then?

A postal projectile for little ol' me, is it?


Zowie's birthday!

So, there's a Rolie Polie

birthday party...


...for some little pip-squeak named Zowie Polie, is there?

Not if Gloomius Maximus has anything to do with it.

I hate birthday parties!

Hit it, boys!

♫ He's Gloomius Maximus ♫

♫ And I feel better when you... feel... worse ♫

(laughs evilly)

♫ Fun, fun ♫

♫ Go away ♫

♫ Let's be gloomy every day ♫

♫ Sun, Sun ♫

♫ Not today ♫

♫ All these clouds are here to stay ♫

♫ Laugh, laugh ♫

♫ I'd rather frown ♫

♫ Smiles look better upside down ♫

♫ Games, games ♫

♫ I won't play ♫

♫ I never win them anyway ♫

♫ He'll gloomy gloom the universe ♫

♫ 'Cause I feel better when you feel worse ♫



♫ Gloop, glop ♫

♫ Yummy cake ♫

♫ Don't eat that for goodness sake ♫

♫ Birthday parties ♫

♫ Ooh, not that J

♫ They just make me itch and scratch ♫

♫ He'll gloomy gloom the universe ♫

♫ 'Cause I feel better when you feel worse ♫

(laughs evilly)

♫ He'll gloomy gloom the universe ♫

♫ 'Cause I feel better ♫

♫ 'Cause he feels better ♫

♫ 'Cause I feel better ♫

♫ When you... huh... feel... arh... ♫

♫ Worse. ♫

Oh, yeah.

Oh... very gloomy.

Now, where is this Polieville?

Hmm. Hm-mmm.


Dr. Olie-stein, this might be your greatest invention yet!

This is our finest hour, Dr. Billy-stein.


I don't know, Billy.

Do you think it's special enough?

Whoa! Garage Gremlins!

Hi-ya, Uncle Gizmo! Howdy, Dad!

What is that thingamajiggy?

It's a handy-dandy energy refibulator.

It can synthesize anything's energy into a powerful ray.

For instance, it can take the yummy taste of cookies

and make a yummy ray.


Now what's this funny fangled doohickey

you boys are working on?

I'm trying to make

an extra special birthday present for Zowie.

I want it to be a super-silly ray

but it's really only a silly ol' bubble blower.

Well, let's see.

I think this is on its way to being a fine silly ray.

Maybe you just haven't got enough silly in it yet.

Wait! I'll bet your

new energy refibulator would work.

Yeah! We could refibu... refibu...

you know, the energy of us being silly.

Into an actual silly ray.

Well, what are we waiting for?

Follow the Giz, he's where the silly is.

♫ Uh-uh, doo-dee, doo-dee, doo, doo, doo, doo-dee-doo ♫

♫ Hoop-dee-doo ♫

♫Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh...

(laughing and giggling)

( crowing)

(laughing and cheerful yelps)

Act sillier!

DAD: Act sillier!

(laughing slowly ends)

( exhausted sighs)

Should we give it a try?




( cheers of joy)


Hoo-wee! This super-silly ray

can keep your mood a-hoppin' and a-boppin'

don't you think?

It works!

This is going to be the A-number-one best-est present

I ever gave Zowie.

BILLY: Dr. Olie-stein

we will spread silliness wherever we go. Ha-ha-ha!

Together we will rule the universe and beyond

Dr. Billy-stein.

Our super-silly ray will end Gloomius" rule of gloom.

(laughs evilly)

Gloomius Maximus!?

Yeah. He's the worst-est bad guy ever.

Whoa, there. We know about Gloomius Maximus, okay?

-You do? You betcha.

When we were just a couple of little bots

we saw Gloomius and the Jollies showdown

on the Willy and Wally Jollie Hour.

Oh, it was a classic.

Who are Willy and Wally Jollie?

Who are Willy and Wally Jollie?

Why, they're only the greatest defenders of fun ever.

♫ With a hee-hee-hee and a ha-ha-ha ♫

♫ Come on, Willie, Come on, Wally ♫

♫ We need you two to make things jolly! ♫



No fun for anyone!

( Willy and Wally laughing)

Who are those tittering twerps, then?

Ha-ha! I say, old chap...

we're Willy...

And Wally.

WILLY AND WALLY: We're the Jollies, by golly!

Have you gotten your Jollies today...

G loom i us? -Arrgh!





And away we go!

Oof! Alley-oop!


Hup! Touche!

Ah, You're fast on your feet!

Oh, there!

Ha-ha-ha! Now I've got you!

(laughing uncontrollably)

Tickle there!

(laughter continues)

DAD: Wo matter how bad things got

the Jollies always turned everyone's frowns upside down...

or right-side round.

Yep. Those Jollies were a pair made in ha-ha Shangri-la-ha!


Gloomius sure has been around for a long time.

It's time to put my new ultra Gloomerator Glum Beam to work.

♫ Glum Beam ♫

♫ Glum beam ♫

♫ Glum beam, glum beam ♫

♫ Very sad will be your dream ♫

♫ Glum beam, glum beam ♫

♫ Glum beam ♫

♫ Glum beam ♫

♫ Have a rotten dream! ♫

My glum beam will gloomerate them to sleep.

Then, nothing can stop me from unfunerating

that pesky Zowie Polie and her Space Pals with my funsuckers.



It's going to be a great party, Zowie.

Party! Party! Party!



What dat, Olie?

I don't know, but it was weird.

Yowza. I'm feeling a little out of sorts.

I am, too.

(groans softly)

The Giz has lost his fizz.



I'm downright bluesie and snoozie, you know. I'm...


I'm going to catch a little shut-eye.


(Mom yawning)

I feel all bluesie and snoozie.

( Uncle Giz, Dad and Mom snoring)

Wee-wee-wee-wee-wee wee-wee-wee-wee...

Brim, brim-brim- brim-brim-brim...

Boo-boo-boo-boo boo-boo-boo...

Wee-wee-wee-wee- wee-wee-wee-wee...

(snoring continues)

Ah... ah, baby.

It's like they've been... gloomerated!

(snoring continues)

Time to call the Space Boy hot line!

This is Olie Polie from Polieville.

I have an emergency!

MAN: Hang on, Olie.

Space Boy here.

Space Boy! I think my Mom and Dad have been gloomerated.

First they got in the downy dumps

and now they're all bluesie and snoozie.

Sounds like the work of Gloomius Maximus, all right.

He must have used his new ultra Gloomerator Glum Beam.

How come we didn't get gloomerated?

Were you wearing your helmets?

Nope. But we were all wearing party hats.

Good work, Space Pals.

Those hats deflected the Gloomerator Glum Beam's power.

Try to keep your chins up.

I'll be there as fast as I can.

What do now, Olie?

I guess we'll have to be great defenders of fun

just like Willy and Wally, till Space Boy gets here.

We can't let Gloomius unfunerate everything.

(Pappy sighs)

Did someone say gloomy?

I'm feeling real gloomy.

ZOWIE: Pappy here!

( Spot barking)

He's been gloomerated, too!

ZOWIE: Oh, Pappy bluesie.



( cackling laughter)


-(giggling) -(barking)

Hey! Pappy's teeth didn't get gloomerated.

It's a good thing, 'cause we're going to need

all the help we can get. Look!

(low rumbling)

Come on!

( Spot barking)


Gee whirlickers!

What are we going to do?

Me wakey Mommy!


Tickle, tickle, tickle!

(giggling snore)

That's good, Zow.

You go tickle the blue out of everybody.

But what do we do?

Spot, Pappy Chompers and you- follow me!


I've got an idea.

GLOOMIUS MAXIMUS: Ha, ha-ha-ha, sucking all the fun.

This is what I like to do.

It's better than killing a spider with my shoe.

( whirring)

Ha-ha! Love it!

With the super-silly ray

we'll blast that Gloomy Gus with silly stuff.

GLOOMIUS MAXIMUS: Looking for me, are you?

OLIE AND BILLIE: GI-GI-Gloomius Maximus!

(both scream) (yelping)

Shall we make them really sad, boys?

(all cackling)



What is this? Some kind of silly ray?

Bubbles. You pip-squeaks can't pop my rotten mood

with your bubbles!

( whirring)

It'll take a hundred bubbles!

A thousand bubbles!

A gazillion quadrillion bazillion bubbles

to funerate me.

That's a whole lot of bubbles, Olie.

( whirring)

OLIE: Let's roll!

Get that ray!

( O/ie and Billie yelling)

Mommy, wakey up!

-(snoring) -(gigg^s)

Ooh, ooh...


Oh my!



Good one!

Ah! Oh!








Disintegrate that doggy!

Tickle, tickle, tickle!








Oh... uh... where's my teeth?!


( cackling laughter)


(loud chomping) Yeeow!

Whoa! Right on his gloomius maximus!


Look! Space Boy!

Looks like we could use a little cheering up around here.

( Chompers yapping)

( bowling pins crashing)


Now let's hardy-har-har them out of here.


GLOOMIUS MAXIMUS: Come back with that!

Gotcha! Ha-ha!



(laughing) (laughing)

It's not working!

There's not enough of us to make a laugh riot.

MOM: There is now.

We'll laugh you

right out of Polieville, Gloomius Maximus!


( grumbling and groaning)

(laughter continues)


Now it's working!

(laughter continues)

Oh, this is...

too many laughs!

Too much happiness!

I... can't take it!

(groaning): I...

Looks like we got the last laugh, Gloomius.

( Spot barking)

Ooh, splendid!

Looks like the last laugh is mine! Ha-ha-ha!

No! That's Zowie's present!

(singsongy): Finders keepers, losers weepers.

( whirring)

(birds singing)

Wow! You bots were the greatest defenders of fun.

You're darn tootin'!

We did our best, 'cause that's the best we can do.




Why, what's the matter, Olie?

I lostZowie's birthday present.


You 'kay, Olie?

I'm sorry I lost your present, Zow.

Me no need present.

You don't?

Me want Olie happy.




Yeah! Me wanna have fun with Olie!


( exhales)


Hey, we did get the last laugh on ol' Gloomius after all.

( Chompers cackling)

(loud chomp) Aah!

Whoa! There's my mad munchers!


Come back here you!

Hey! Come here!

(laughter continues)

This is Trixie Triangle for Galaxy Ro/ie Po/ie News

reporting live from Polieville Park.

Olie and Zowie Polie and their best-est pal, Billy Bevel

are our very own local Polieville heroes.

With the help of their good friend Space Boy

their faithful dog Spot and a set of cheerful dentures

they chased off the master of glum— Gloomius Maximus.

PAPPY: Well, these are

some brave li'l bots.

Why, that space pirate, Gloomius Maximus

would have plundered the fun out of the whole Rolie Polie galaxy

with his funsuckers if they hadn't stopped him.

TRIXIE: What great defenders of fun.

Yup. We take our fun seriously.

ZOWIE: Fun. Fun. Fun.


Me gonna be thi-i-i-is big.


It's Zowie's birthday today.

TRIXIE: Well, happy birthday, Zowie.


Birthday parties.

What is so great about birthday parties?

Feeling extra special for a whole day?

What a bunch of hooey!

Hooey. Hooey.

OLIE It's gonna be the all-around best-est birthday bash

even though Gloomius swiped the birthday present

I made Zowie.

How scrumptiously glum of me. Argh.

It was a really nifty super-silly ray.

Just one bubble could give you the silly willies

and chase all your blues away. (giggling)

But we have tons of fun stuff planned anyway.

Like, Pappy's going to do his happy tappy dance.

How pathetically perky.

How catastrophically cute.

(lively jazz playing)

Pappy tappy! Pappy tappy!


Oh-oh-oops. Oof!

(all gasp)

(slowly): Whoooooopsiiieeee doooooodle...

( quickly): Woohoa!

Hey, hey!


(babbling slowly)

( frenetic laughter)


You okey-dokey, Pappy?

TRIXIE: Oh, it looks like

you popped your happy gear.

Golly. With a busted happy gear

I won't be getting tappy for Zowie's party.

( whines)

A Polie party's just not quite a party

without Pappy's happy tappy dance.

Dancey, dancey.


If anybody out there in TV land

has any ideas how to fix my Pappy

send them to Rolie Polie Olie in Polieville.

Help Pappy. Pleeeeeease!


Pappy Polie has no idea how sad things are going to get.

How's about we send a little get-glum card

to that unhappy Pappy.

Oh, this'll be sad.

Really sad.

Wonderfully sad.

Absolutely, adorably, deliciously sad.

(laughs evilly)

(Mom humming)


Hmm. It sure looks yummy.

I'm just not sure it's big enough.

(barks) Wo wee!

A mile-high triple-chocolate apple-of-my-eye cake.

Nokey-dokey, Olie.

Got to wait till Zowie's party.

ZOWIE: Party, party, party!

( doorbell rings)

I'll get it.

(Zowie giggles)

Spot! Spot! Spot!

Oh, that's a nokey-dokey, Spot.

Dr. Jerrie-Rig, the Gyro-practor.


At your service

Rolie Polie Olie.

Um... I didn't call a doctor.

I saw your call for help

on the T and V.


I'm here to help your Pappy.

Yessiroo, yessiree.

Hmm, uh-hmm.

Well... the happy gear is

the most mysterious part we robots have.

No telling what makes it go out of whack and back. Heh.

But I'll take a crack.


Eh? Whoo!


DR. JERRIE-RIG: Here we are.

( wild laughter)

Well, for an old model

you're still running pretty smooth.

Now... feeling happy

Mr. Pappy?

I feel...

Kinda happy.

Downright tappy.

Ha-ha-ha, woo-hoo, yeah, hoo-hoo!


( clucking)



Hooray, Pappy!


Oh, thanks a million, Dr. Jerrie-Rig.


Just think of it as a thank you

for helping save all the fun in our galaxy, Olie.

Anytime, Dr. Jerrie-Rig.

Oh... A mile-high triple- chocolate apple-of-my-eye cake.

Ha ha!

How are you feeling, Pappy?

Fit as a fiddle.

Tip as a top...

Dr. Jerrie-Rig fixed Pappy up

like brand-spanking-new.


Pappy tappy?

Oh, you betcha, pumpkin.

feeling so happy

I feel a happy birthday rumba coming on.


(rhythmic clanging)

It's Zowie's birthday!

ALL: ♫ It's Zowie's birthday, wo wee! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday, yippee-she! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday, whoop-whoopee! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday, wo wee! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday, yippee-she! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday, whoop-whoopee! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ Zo-Zowie, it's your birthday ♫

♫ A super-dapper- dupe r-dupe fun day ♫

♫ Yip-yippee, hooray, it's the one day

♫ For whoopity fun. Hoy! ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday, wowee! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday, yippee-she! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday, whoop-whoopee! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday party! ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday party! ♫




Whoa! Slow down, Pappy!


( deep sigh)


Don't worry, Pappy.

We'll figure something out

to get that ol' happy gear in sync.


You betcha.


(sad sigh)

(rockets flying)

(rockets crashing)

Gee whirlickers!


Well, howdy, howdy, hey!

Uncle Giz!


( crashing)


Woopee! Yeow! Yeou! Whoop-pah!

Gee whirlickers.

That's a whole lot

of mail rockets.

"Here's a brand-new happy gear.

"Thought your Pappy could use it.

Your pal, Rory, age four."

"Howdy, Olie.

"When I get all rickety and rockety

I use this super-duper triple viscosity boost-ya-up oil."

Isn't that swell?

These bots sent their home fix-it remedies

just like you asked, Olie.


Fix Pappy! Fix Pappy!


UNCLE GIZMO: Well, says here

"This do-it-yourself remedy'll shake, rattle and roll

your happy gear until it hums."

Let's give it a whirl.


A balloon-o-gram!

Hidee, hidee, hey, hippity-hip hooray!

Howdy there, old Pappy, have a happy tappy day...

(air escaping)

(all sigh)

BADDIES: Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

GLOOMIUS ( overcomm): Now, deliver the get-glum card

and make sure Pappy's never happy again.

BADDIES Yes, sir!

Another Jack-in-the-Rocket card.

And another

Rolie Polie Robo Bear.

Well, don't worry, Pappy.

We'll get the gloom out of your happy gear somehow.


You got a Tickle-Me-Pickle!

Hey there, hi there, whoa there.

Woah-ho! (pickle giggling)

Well, hey now, cut that out.

Stop it.

(laughing hysterically)



I hate those pickles.


( chuckles)

I think it's working.

That's one silly dilly of a pickle, huh, Pappy?

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!


( doorbell rings)


Yeah, I think

that pickle tickle did the trick.


Here's another rocket for you, Pappy.

But Pappy's already fixed.



(thunder booming)

(all scream)



( cackling)

( Gloomius' voice): Gloomius Maximus wishes you nothing but gloom and doom.

Face it, Pappy, you'll never be happy or tappy again.

Arrgh. Welcome to the glum side.

( evil cackle)

That rat.


Don't worry, Pappy.


You all d-d-did, did your best

b-b-but m-my step has lost his spring.

My hip has no h-h-hooray.

No happy tappy?

'Fraid not.

Without my ha-happy gear...

I'm all tapped out.

I'm just a wa-wa-wa-wa-walkin" junk parade.

Pappy, wait.

I think Pappy's going to have

to get happy on the inside

before he gets tappy on the outside.


Poor, poor Pappy.

GLOOMIUS: So, is that pesky Pappy permanently unhappy?

BADDIES (laughing): Uh-huh.

Ah-ha-ha. Splendid. Ha!

Then, off you go to pilfer, pillage and plunder

li'l Zowie Polie's party.

( evil chuckle)

OLIE: If only we could figure a way to get Pappy's happy gear fixed

before Zowie's party.

Oh, looking swell, boys.

BILLY: Thanks, Dad.

Mighty spiffy.

OLIE: Thanks, Dad.

She sure has her heart set on his happy tappy dance.


If we still had the super-silly ray

I bet we could zap your Pappy happy.

-Hmm... ( fingers snapping)

Then we need to get it back!

From Gloomius?

Come on. I've got an idea.

Um, why don't we just call Space Boy.

He'll know what to do.

We can do this, Billy.

We're gonna build our very own turbo-charged space rocket.

But that's our pretend cardboard rocket, Olie.

It doesn't really fly.

If we give it some real power, it will.

(hissing, rings)


DAD: Looking good, Baxter.




It's lookin" like a par-tay!

I thought the Ml' buckaroos

might like to go for a ride on Clippy.

Great idea, Giz.

(muttering gibberish)









(horse neighing)

Whoa! Yow!


Wh-Wh-What was that?

Looks like it's time for a B-day heyday!

Oh, hmm.

Everything copasetic?



Bi-i-i-ig balloon!



GIZ: That's too big, snookums.

Zowie, let go of the balloon now.


You're floating away.

-Me flying! -(gasps)



DAD: Come back! Whoa, whoa, wait!

-Whee! -No!



DAD: Zowie! Zowie! Come back!


Up, up, up.

DAD: Come back, Zowie!



Steady, steady now.

♫Whoo-ooh! J

♫ Mommy! ♫

Whoa, my stars!


GIZ: Zowie! Whoa!



I got it! Oops!




Come back, Zowie! -Zowie!

-Pappy! Pappy! -(snoring)

OLIE: Grab her, Pappy!

I see...

Whoa! Help...

Oh, no!


MOM: Don't worry, sweetie.

We'll get you down.

UNCLE GIZ: Snookums!

( Spot whimpering)

Boys, you keep your eyes peeled for them.

Okeydokey! Okeydokey!

Giz, stand by the communicator.

I'm on it, bro.

( whooshing)


Any sign of them, hon?

Not a one, snookums.

(radio crackles)

Did you find them?

Negative, Giz.

No sign of them yet.


Do you see what I see?

Oh, no!

Uncle Gizmo, we got trouble!

Don't worry, sprocket.

They'll get us down... soon.

BADDIES: Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

Stroke! Stroke!


UNCLE GIZ: The boys have spotted Zowie and Pappy.

Two of Gloomius" baddies are tailing them.

We've got to get to them, pronto. Let's step on it!

DAD: This way?

MOM: Urn.... That way!

We were almost headed for the wormhole!



( chuckling) : The birthday girl...

and her grumpy grandpa, eh?

Ha, ha!

(Zowie screams)

(Pappy sighs)

Don't worry, sprocket.

ZOWIE: Okeydokey, Pappy.

Ooh, I think we're lost.



(brakes squealing)

Whoa, Nellie!

Whoo! Step on it, Perc!

( whooshing)

-Whoa...! -Whoo...!

MOM/DAD: Whoooaaahhh!

DAD: Giz, help! We've been sucked into a wormhole!

You're gonna have to do something!

We're on it!

Aah, I hate those wormholes.

( cackling)

Oh... Bi-i-ig ship, Pappy.

( rumbling and beeping)

Do you have the secret weapon?

Check! Ready to rocket?




I'm right behind ya, boys!

-Whoa...! -Whoo...!

Well, we I-we I-we I co me to my House of Gloom.

Ooh, I see you've got my little get-glum card.

( chuckles)

Why, I....

ought to...

Are you joking? Step back.

Oh, with your busted happy gear and that rotten mood

you'll be right at home here.


Pappy, me wanna go home now.

Me want birthday party.

There won't be a birthday party.

Go ahead, cry if you want to...


You not nice.

Why you so gloomy, Gloomy?


Why? Why?!

I've always been a little gloomy.

Ever since I was a teeny little bot.

And I have never liked birthday parties.


No like birthday parties?

They're just a bunch of hooey!

Gloomy no like fun presents?

You no like yummy cake?

How would I know?

I've never had a birthday party... ever.

Never had any fun presents

or a yummy cake or good friends

or a little happy tappy dance all my own.


Well, so if I can't have one

then no one else can have a birthday party either!

Not now! Not ever again!



ZOWIE: Uncle Giz!

Hmm... more guests.

Go get 'em, boys.

And make 'em sad.

(Baddies grumbling)

UNCLE GIZ: Yee-hoo!

( clank)

( clank)

( clank)

( clunk)



ZOWIE: Olie! Billy!



Come on, Pappy. Come on, Zow.

We've got a party to go to.

Going somewhere?


There's Zowie's super-silly ray.

Give it back.

Come and get it, box boy.

Time to use our s-secret weapon.

(giggling sounds)


A little itty-bitty pickle?

Let him have it, Olie.






GIZ: Get on home, little Baddies!

Oh, whoo...


OLIE: Quick, grab the super-silly ray!

Get that pickle off my poop deck!

( all laughing uncontrollably)


(Baddie giggling)

A whoo-hee!

Now let's sk-sk-sk-skedaddle

our way home.

(Baddies giggling)

Hang on, Pappy.

Whoa! Ha, ha! Whoo!

Pappy's fixed!


(gear whizzing)


(Baddies giggling)


( Gloomius Maximus laughing)


Pappy gear have boo-boo.


Awww, my little sweetpea.

(beeping, clinking)

(birds singing)

I think Zowie just made Pappy happy inside and out.

No doubt about it, Olie.

Pappy happy, Pappy tappy!

Come on, you Ml' sprockets.

There's a Rolie Polie birthday to get to.

Bye-bye, Gloomy, bye-bye!

(laughing uncontrollably)

(laughter continuing)

-Whoa...! -Whoo...!

DAD/MOM: Whoa-oah!

MOM: Whoo-whoo!

Whoo! Whoo!

PAPPY: Woo, that was some fancy flying.

GIZ: We sure got ol' Gloomy, huh?

Yeah. I bet he's still out there laughing.

(all laugh)

Here's your present, Zow.

Thank you, Olie.

Give it a try, Zow.




Come on, kids, time to get tappy with your happy Pappy.

( Latin music plays)

♫ It's Zowie's birthday, wowie ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday, yippee-she ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday, whoop-whoopee ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday party ♫

♫ We're so happy, gonna sing a song ♫

S Hey- Pappy. you're feel in" strong ♫

♫ No more glum 'cause the gloom is gone ♫

♫ Come on, everybody, it's sing-along, hey

♫ It's Zowie's birthday, wowie ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday, yippee-she ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday, whoop-whoopie! ♫

♫ It's Zowie's birthday party. ♫

ZOWIE: Giddyap! Giddyap! Giddyap!

( horse whinnies, Zowie laughs)

ZOWIE: Howdy! Howdy! Howdy!

GIZ: Howdy-hi and hello-di-ho.

(Zowie laughs)

ALL: Happy birthday, pumpkin.

Me thi-i-i-is big.

-Aw... -Aw...


Mm-mm! Best-est burgers in Polieville.

It's time for the great Polie-Bevel flip-off.



Here's the Bevel Boxy Toss.


-Yay! Oo-ee!

It's all in the wrist action.

Yabba-doo. Yep.

Here is a Rolie Polie Spiral with a twist and a shout.


( whistles)



( whistling)

(all laugh)

Hey, good one, Dad.

Woo! Two points!

KIDS: Hooray!

Thank you. Thank you very much.

(kids laughing)



(horse whinnies)

PAPPY: Ooh! Ya-ha!

Let's swing-a-ding-ding.


Your super-silly ray is the greatest.

You sure made Zowie a super-neato present, Olie.

( whistles)

Time to cut the mile-high

triple-chocolate apple-of-my-eye cake.

ALL: Yay!



♫ Have a Rolie Polie birthday ♫

♫ Have a Rolie Polie year ♫

♫ Have a Rolie Polie birthday ♫

♫ 'Cause, Zowie, we're glad you're here. ♫

Happy birthday, pumpkin.

Time to blow out your candles, pumpkin.


Don't forget to make a wish.


(thunderous crash)



(horse whinnies)

What was that?

we re moving


We're not just moving, we're wheeling.


GLOOMIUS: Ha-ha-ha!

(laughs evilly)

A glum ho-ho-hum to everyone.

I'll put an end to those peppy Polieviller's horrific happiness

once and for all.

There won't be any yummy cake, uh-uh

no fun presents, uh-uh

no silly games, I think not.

If Gloomius Maximus can't have a birthday party

then neither can that Zowie Polie pip-squeak.

To the Galaxy of Gloom.

(laughs evilly)

ZOWIE: Bye-bye, Starry.

DAD: Something must have knocked

the planet's polarity out of whack.

BILLY: e we got slammed a giant asteroid.

(horse whinnies)

BILLY: Do you see anything, Dad?

Nada, Billy-o.

The trusty gyro-gravitron reading is normal.

Well, what is it, then?


Squeegaw, squeegee!

OLIE: Hey, look, the Little Green planet.

Wait a minute.

Maybe Big Gene and Little Gene Littlegreen

can give us the bigger picture.

Now that's using your head

for more than an antennae holder.

Come in, Littlegreens.

(high-pitched whine)

Howdy, the Littlegreens this is.

Howdy, Junior. Howdy, Mr. Littlegreen.

We're in a bit of a pickle.

Something really weird is going on with our planet.

Wee! Polies

trouble big you are in.

Your Polie planet, Gloomius Maximus is towing.

Squeegaw! Up to the Galaxy of Gloom you do zoom.

ALL: The Galaxy of Gloom!

It's that space pirate

Gloomius Maximus,

We'd better call Space Boy.

(laughs evilly)

Arrgh. Harr har.

MAN ( over phone): Hey, Space Pal

you have reached the Space Boy hot line.

Space Boy's out on a superhero secret mission

so leave a message and we'll get back to you

as fast as cosmically possible.

Space Boy, this is Olie Polie from Polieville.

Gloomius Maximus is towing our whole planet

to the Galaxy of Gloom.

We need your help, pronto!

He's not there.


We're doomed.

Come on, Billy.

(horn beeping)


DAD: With Coupy and Motorboy's combined super-powered

dual-cam, triple-torqued engines

we'll tug the planet back to the Polie galaxy.

What can we do to help?

You boys will be command central.


(gloomily): Okeydokey.

Come on, Billy.

( chanting): We will not get gloomy.

We will not get gloomy.


(horns beeping)

Any sign of them?

No. Olie, do you think we'll be happy being gloomy?

(horse whinnies)


You got to hang in there, Billy.

I see 'em!

(revs engine)

( rope snaps taut) -( engine revs)

Whoa! Whoa!


(low rumbling)

Whoa! Jiggidy-jig!

The stopped the planet.

Ooh! What?


More power!


What's going on, Dad?

We're using all the juice we've got

but Gloomius" saucer is sure power-packed.

Let's pump up the gloom!

Whoa! Woo! Whoa!


SPACE BOY: Crashing cosmos!

Gloomius has got ahold of Planet Polie.

Afterburners don't fail me now!

No more Ice Cream planet.

No more Gooey Hearts Day.

Stop it, Billy.

You're starting to make me gloomy.

Space Boy! Space Dog!

Whoo-ee. Are we glad to see you two.


Argh! Time to play ball.

Whoa, now!

It's a cosmic storm!

It's an asteroid shower!

No, it's bowling balls!



I hate bowling balls!


Oh, no!


Mayday, Olie, Mayday!

Dad? Uncle Giz?

Dad! Dad!

Uncle Giz?


It's all over.

But we're supposed to be great defenders of fun, Billy

just like Dad and Uncle Giz's space heroes

Willy and Wally Jollie, remember?

Hardee-har-har... har?

(ratchet turning)

Hey-di-hidey-ho, it's your Uncle Gizmo.

Anybody home?

( echoing)

Little brother, I don't think there's a living soul

on this hunka-chunka space rock.


Hello! I'm over here!

No, you're over there!

Look this way!

This way!

By golly, it's the Jollies!


That's us. We're Jollie, by golly!

We watched your show every Saturday morning.

Never missed a one!

We're your number one fans.

♫ With a hee-hee-hee and a ha-ha-ha! ♫

♫ Come on Willy, come on Wally! ♫

♫ We need you two to make things jolly! ♫


We'll have you on the road to a good time in no time.

Would ya -Could ya

Of course, we would ya could ya!


MOM: Anything from Dad and Giz?

Not a squeak or a crackle.

(all sigh)

( Spot whines)

SPACE BOY: Olie! Olie, come in!

Space Boy!

He must have gotten my message!

Olie! Come in, Olie!

We're standing by, Space Boy.

We... need... more turbo power.

Everyone... needs to pitch in...

to help stop Gloomius.

We're on it, Space Boy.

Over and out.

Ooh, that Gloomius is sure getting me all wound up.

If only we could get his happy gear going again!

Does he even have one?

Why, sure! Every bot does.

Come on, Pappy.

Let's rally the troops.

If we got Gloomius" happy gear going

maybe he'd never try to unfunerate us again.


Silly ray, Olie?


( Mom clears throat)

Is this thing on?

Calling all Polievillers.

This is a planetary emergency.

We need your help.

No rocket booster is too small.

( chanting sadly): We will not get gloomy.


(heavy sigh)

...will not get gloomy.

Hi-ya, Billy.

Me and Zowie've got a plan.

We're gonna try and get Gloomius" happy gear going.

Does he even have one?

Sure. Every bot does.

Silly ray, Billy.

If we get everybody to put in some sillies

we could make it an ultra loopy-loony

super-silly ray.

And, Billy

you're the all-around best-est

super-silliest bot there is.

Without your silly

it'll never work.

Please, Billy?

I don't want to give up on fun.

I like fun.

I'm just too gloomy, Olie.

Ready, everybody?

This energy refibulator

II zap all our silliness into the silly ray.

Let's go!

Hey! Waaa!

Hey guys, check this out!


Hey, look at you!


(laughter and chattering)

BILLY: That's not nearly silly enough!

(all cheering): Billy! Hooray!

Come on, come on, move it up, move it up.

And go! Okay, and faster here, and

What an air show!

Move it up, move it up... and go!

Pappy Polie reporting for duty.

Okay, then! In five...

OLIE: Wait!

It really, really, really silly, Pappy.


Go ahead. Make Gloomius giggle.

Ha! You betcha!

I'm ready for blast-off!



four, three...


...two, one!


MOM: Oh, dear.

(horn tooting)

( crowd cheering)

Jolly good to see you Jollies.

BOTH: We're here to spread some cheer

from tip-to-top and ear-to-ear!


Arrgh! Arrgh!

( drum beating faster)

Pump! Pump! Pump! Pump! Pump! Pump!

Well, all righty!

It's the Littlegreens.



How can this be?

Now what?


Cheer up, Gloomius.

Are you sure

you want to dance this dance, my little Polie friend?

Get ready to cut the rug, Gloomius.

( cackling)

You think one little, two little, three little bubbles

will make this Pirate of Pleasure

this Bleak Buccaneer chipper?

I've got news for you, you jolly orbs.

Hand over your ray, or I'll unfunerate

the square kid!

Don't worry about me, Olie.

Save the fun for Planet Polie.

But... Billy...

Blast him, Olie!

Me and all my friends

made this especially for you.

Maybe one bubble won't cheer ya up.

But how about a bazillion jillion.



I will be gloomy!

I will be gloomy.

Broken toys.

Rained... rained out picnics.




PAPPY: He's trying to escape.

Gloomy get away!

Get him again, Olie.

No, no, no, no!


haven't a gloomy thought left.

Not a single dreary, despondent one.

Not a one.

Oh... ooh... I, I must be all gloomed out.



( clears throat)

That's it!

Whoo-hoo! Yes!

Woo-hoo! Ha, ha, ha!


OLIE: It's working!

BILLY: We did it!

Now, let the Polie Planet go, Gloomius.

Or we'll triple silly ya!

Anything! Anything!

Just- hee hee hee- stop the silliness.


( cheering)


The fun has won.

(laughter and cheering)


Me want to talk to Gloomy.

Gloomy, you come to my birthday party?

She wants me...

to come to her party?

Zowie, you can't invite Gloomius.

It my party.


You know, I've never... ever been

to a birthday party before.

Never had one myself, you know...


Zowie have

one... two parties.

Zowie give you

this party.

You're giving me your party?


I don't know what to say.

(loud clank)

Ooh, Hello.

What was that?

Why, your happy gear, by golly.

Happy gear? I have one?

BILLY: Sure.

Every bot does.

(tongues click)

(proud chuckle)

(rhythmic clanking)

♫ The gloomy gloom has gone away ♫

♫ My happy face is here to stay! ♫

♫ Smile, smile ♫

♫ It's okay ♫

♫ Just keep smiling everyday ♫

♫ Laugh, laugh ♫

♫ There you go ♫

♫ I just want to let it show ♫

♫ Hey, there! J

♫ Dance with me ♫

♫ I've just never felt so free ♫

♫ Sing, sing ♫

♫ A happy song ♫

♫ I might even sing along ♫

♫ Hey, everybody, you heard it first ♫

♫ I'm the happiest bot in the universe ♫

♫ Yippety do! ♫

This feels so good

♫ Just like a birthday party should ♫

♫ Yum, yum! ♫

♫ Let's all take ♫

♫ Another big slice of yummy cake ♫

♫ Hey, everybody, you heard it first ♫

♫ I'm the happiest bot in the universe ♫

♫ I'm so giddy my heart could burst ♫

♫ I'm the happiest bot in the universe. ♫

Oh-ho-ho, yeah!

I'm so happy!


Happy birthday, Zowie.

And thanks for the fun-neries.

Fun! Fun! Fun!



Tons of fun for everyone!

Bye-bye, Gloomy.

ALL: Good-bye!

What a great time.

All right then.

Let's go home, boys.

Away we go.

Get in step.

BADDIE: ♫ Have a Rolie Polie birthday... ♫


You know, Billy

you're the funnest, best-est pal

a bot could have.

And you're the best-est defender of fun

in the whole universe.

( rocket engine roaring)

( up-tempo drums play)

Come on, everybody-o.

It's Bevel conga-a-bongo time.

( Latin music playing)

♫ Howdy ♫ ♫ Howdy ♫

♫ Hooray ♫ ♫ Hooray ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid around ♫

♫He's Rolie Polie OlieJ

♫ He's small and smart and round ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid around ♫

♫ Howdy ♫ ♫ Howdy ♫

♫ Hooray ♫ ♫ Hooray ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid around ♫

♫ Howdy ♫ ♫ Howdy ♫

♫ Hooray ♫ ♫ Hooray ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid around ♫

♫He's Rolie Polie OlieJ

♫ He's small and smart and round ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid around ♫

♫ Howdy ♫ ♫ Howdy ♫

♫ Hooray ♫ ♫ Hooray ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid around ♫

♫ And in the land of curves and curls ♫

♫ He's the swellest kid... swellest kid around ♫

♫Wee! ♫