The Great Defender of Fun

The Great Defender of Fun
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Release Date August 13, 2002
Written by Nadine van der Velde
Directed by Ron Pitts
Storyboard by Andrew Tan, Lance Taylor and Christophe Villez
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The Great Defender of Fun is the first feature-length film of Rolie Polie Olie. It was first released on August 13, 2002.


It's Zowie's birthday. Of course, Olie and friends are throwing Zowie a party, and every bot in the galaxy is expected to come. However, when dreaded space pirate Gloomius Maximus threatens to spoil the party, Olie gathers his friends to save the universe from being "un-fun-erated." Olie, The Great Defender of Fun, his sister, Zowie, and the rest of the gang go on a zany ride through the galaxy and gear up to save Zowie's birthday and defend Polieville against the perils of gloom.


An evil space pirate named Gloomius Maximus (Voiced by James Woods) tries to drain all the happiness and fun out of everyone. Unfortunately for Olie, an invitation to Zowie's third birthday party accidentally flies off into space and makes its way aboard Gloomius's ship. Gloomius never had a birthday party himself, so he sets out to make Zowie's as miserable as possible. He zaps the robots with the Glum Beam and takes them to the Galaxy of Gloom. Between Olie's super silly ray and some help from Saturday morning heroes Space Boy and Space Dog, the day is saved by silliness. In the end, Gloomius Maximus becomes good.



2002 Animated TV Special Nelvana Limited, Sparkling Walt Disney Home Video TV Special

Vocal Talent: Cole Caplan (Olie), James Woods (Gloomius Maximus), Kyle Fairlie (Spaceboy, Young Dad), Joshua Tucci (Billy Bevel), Kristen Bone (Zowie), Robert Smith (Spot, Spacedog), Catherine Disher (Mom, TV Journalist), Rebecca Brenner (Pollie Pi), Noah Reid (Screwy), Ali Mukaddam (Wheelie), Len Carlson (Pappy, TV Announcer), Adrian Truss (Dad, Gizmo), Michael Cera (Young Gizmo), Paul Haddad (Willy Jollie), Juan Chioran (Wally Jollie), Neil Crone (Doctor Geary), Philip Williams (Baxter), Ellen-Ray Hennessy (Bonita), Sunday Muse (Binky), Jake Goldsbie (Junior Littlegreen), Richard Binsley (Gene Littlegreen).

Directed By Ron Pitts.

Produced By Guillaume Hellouin, Pamela Lehn. Executive Producers: Scott Dyer, Michael Hirsh, William Joyce, Corinne Kouper, Patrick Loubert. Associate Producer: Emmanuèle Petry. Consulting Producer: Nadine Van der Velde. Technical Producers: Christophe Archimbault, Eric Flaherty. Line Producer: Susie Grondin.

Animated By Gavin Boyle.

Written By Nadine Van der Velde.

Music By Brent Barkman, Peter Coulman, Carl Lenox.

Casting: Sally Stiner, Jessie Thomson. Production Manager: Jennifer Bernet. Storyboard Artists: Andrew Tan, Lance Taylor, Christophe Villez. Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Ric Jurgens. Technical Directors: Dave Altman, Andrew Bonar, Darin Bristow, T.J. Galda, Lisa Kelly, Mark Koren, Ryan Lewis, Bill Pong, Greg Scoble, Paul van Emmerik, Dean Warren. Senior 3D Modeler: Gregory John Jowle. Modelers: Albert Ang, Dana Boadway, Andrew Bonar, Paul Cieniuch, Fred Ni, Bill Pong, Greg Scoble, Helen Zotalis. Digital Artist: Darin Bristow. Picture Editors: Richard Bond, Karen Saunders. Layout: Gavin Boyle. Supervising Director: Mike Fallows.


RPO The Great Defender Of Fun
RPO The Great Defender Of Fun


  • This is the last time Joshua Tucci voices Billy. Tucci was replaced by Kristopher Clarke in the sixth season and The Baby Bot Chase (also known as The Great Baby Bot Chase)
  • This is the only film that Young Percy and Gizmo appeared in.
  • This is the only movie where Precious the cow is absent.
  • This is the first movie that involves Zowie's party.
  • This is the last time the Rolie Polie Birthday is performed since Spot's Birthday.
  • This is Wheelie's first film appearance until The Baby Bot Chase.
  • This is the only episode that Gloominus is voiced by James Woods. Woods was replaced by Paul Haddad starting in Give It Back Gloomius.
  • This is also the first appearance of Gloominus Maximus' henchman The Baddies. They appear again in Give It Back Gloomius,The Baby Bot Chase and Shhhh.
  • This is the first and only time Space Boy's theme isn't used.
  • This is also the first film to have re-composed music that is remixed from the TV episodes.
  • This is the first and only Rolie Polie film to use the regular music with new instruments.
  • This is also the only time that the theme song is sped up and the first time the theme was performed with different singers. The second is The Baby Bot Chase.
  • These are Galaxy of Goofs' first film appearance.
  • There was a special airing of this movie on Playhouse Disney.
  • This is the only of 2 times the credits have a moving video instead of the circles from the TV episodes.
  • Sparking takes over for Sparx as the new "production company" for the show.
  • This is also the first double-length episode of the show's 6th season.
  • This film is Willie and Wollie Jollie's first appearance on the show. They appear again in The Baby Bot Chase and Shhhh (their only television appearance)
  • On the DVD version of this film, Cole Caplan (the voice of Olie) is the guide of the film's main menu.
  • This film takes place between the fifth and sixth seasons.
  • This is also one of 2 films where Clock Mouse is absent. She will return in the sixth season.
  • This is the only film where James Woods voices Gloomius Maximus and he was replaced by Paul Haddad in The Baby Bot Chase and Give It Back Gloomius.
  • This is the first and only film to feature a bonus episode on both the video version and the DVD version.
  • This is also the first film appearance of Doctor Callinghouse since he first appeared in the Ten Foot Olie episode.
  • This is the last of 2 films that Len Carlson voiced more characters other than Pappy until his death in 2006.
  • Paul Haddad joins the voice cast as one of the Jolly twins until Shhhh where they made a short cameo with no speaking parts.
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