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The Little Greens are heroes of the series Rolie Polie Olie. They are close friends with the Polie who live in Planet Littlegreen. They are two of the secondary tritagonists of The Great Defender of Fun and supporting characters in The Baby Bot Chase. They are also recurring characters in the series. Big green is the dad and little green Junior is the son. Big green hangs out with the grown ups while Junior plays with Olie Polie and Zowie Polie. Beside gibberish they speak english. They both debuted in the episode Little Helping Hand.

The Littlegreens
Names Mr. Gene and Junior
Species Tiny human/alien
General Male
First appearance Little Helping Hand and Making the Best of It
Last appearance Invasion of the Ticklers!
Friends The Polie Family
Voices Jake Goldsbie (Junior Littlegreen)
Richard Binsley (Gene Littlegreen)