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The Secret Life Of Babies
Season 6, Episode 9a
Air Date January 30, 2004 (Friday)
Written by Steve Sullivan
Storyboard by Frank Lintzen
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The Secret Life of Babies to 9 Episode 6 Season series Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Friday, 30 January 2004.


Coochie and Coo become part of the Polie Family,


The little twins have pulled a fast one over the Polie family and friends. When no one is looking the twins learn to imitate the actions and sounds of their family and friends. Poor Percy is tryin to make one of his famous videos featuring the adorable twin tikes, but they dont seem to be interested. Everyone visits the two bots from Olie and his friends, Polina and Bonita, even the toys come to catch a glimpse of the twins in action, but as long as someone is around Coochie and Coo go into silent mode. When Zowie and Binky finally catch the twins in action, Polina and Olie join in on the twin show. Percy arrives soon after with camera in hand, but by then, little Coochie and Coo go from silent mode to sleep mode!



  • Although Coochie and Coo debut in this episode, this story actually takes place after the events of The Baby Bot Chase because that is when the Polies first met them.