Vital statistics
Species Toaster
Gender (assumed) Male
Appearance Rounded metal toaster with wheels and two black eyes
Location The Kitchen

Toasty is the household Toaster in the kitchen. He is next to Chili on the kitchen counter.

Universal SpotEdit

He is the first object to be tested by the Universal Remote-O-Matic and two toast pop out of him. He, like the other objects, get jealous. He and Chili agree to push the remote in the trash, but it ends up in Spot's dog bowl and is eaten. He makes other appearances in the episode, being shown whenever the remote is used on him.

Housey Wake UpEdit

After Housey falls asleep due to exhaustion from the Polies doing everything so fast, it causes Big Wally to stop, and Toasty falls asleep. The Polies try to use him, but fail.

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