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Zoey suffering from Tummy Trembling Trouble in "Upside Downers".

Tummy Trembling Trouble is when somebody‘s tummy growls. It’s a condition that happens when someone is hungry. It can also happen due to being nervous about something, especially a note from a teacher, too much food, too much water or soda, or an unsettled stomach. The main and only symptom is stomach noises, particularly growling, rumbling, grumbling, groaning, gurgling, bubbling, and of course, trembling. This was first introduced in the episode, “Olie’s Note”, where Olie’s tummy rumbles because of a teacher’s note. Later in the episode, it happens to Billy.

Tummy Trembling Trouble gets worse the more it goes untreated, as observed in Olie’s Note when Olie’s belly started out with light rumbles and groans but soon evolved into loud growls and more visible trembling as the day went on and the more nervous he got. But as soon as he gave his note to his parents, it stopped.

In Unruly Polie Olie, Olie and Billy both receive Tummy Trembling Trouble after eating too much candy towards the end of the episode, with the growling and gurgling lasting for the majority of the episode's conclusion.

In Hickety Ups, Olie drinks lots of water to stop his hiccups, making his stomach big and full of water. He hiccups suddenly which makes his belly grumble, giving it a slight jiggle as well. The water inside caused a minor case of Tummy Trembling Trouble, which stopped after he went to the bathroom.

In Chili's Cold, Spot briefly gets the Tummy Trembling Trouble due to eating most, if not all, the food that'd been in Chili during the episode, which leaves him rather fat.

In We Scream for Ice Cream, Percy ends up suffering Tummy Trembling Trouble himself twice while on the Ice Cream Planet with Olie and Zoey: Once when he got motion sick from spinning around in one of the large ice cream bowls too much and again after Olie mentioned how many flavors the three of them had had since their arrival.

In the episode Spot That Hero, Spot’s gets Tummy Trouble when he eats too many bones in his dream.

When Olie eats too much cake in Where O Where Did Olie Go?, his full belly growls twice.

It happens a lot in The Bump where Spot’s upset stomach wakes the whole house after he eats a whole box of food.