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Universal Spot
Season 1, Episode 7c
Universal Spot - 0001.png
Air Date November 15, 1998 (Friday)
Directed by Mike Fallows
Written by Betty Quan
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Universal Spot is the twenty-first episode of Rolie Polie Olie.


Spot is struggling to find something to eat and later gets a flea. Meanwhile, Percy has finished making his new invention: a universal remote that can activate anything in the house. He allows Ollie to try it, but Zowie is taken away for a nap before she can have a go. The objects, who don't like being manipulated by the remote and fearful of the chaos it could cause, try to get rid of it, but they accidentally knock it into Spot's bowl, with the latter suddenly eating it. Polina, Percy, and Ollie return to the kitchen, but are confused by the sink and popcorm machine suddenly activating on their own. Percy intends to fix them, but when the backdoor, Chili the refridgerator, the chairs, the phone, the toaster, the cabinets, and the clock all go crazy, they all get frightened, which even leads Percy to suggest calling the repairman. Ollie eventually realizes that Spot ate the universal remote and when he scratches himself, he activates something. Ollie and Percy try to catch Spot to get the remote out of him, but he runs from them, thinking that they want to give him a bath. They manage to corner him, but a distraction from the garage allows him to escape. Spot then tumbles down the stairs and Ollie catches him, but he suddenly activates the vacumn cleaner, which chases them down (which forces Ollie to drop Spot). Polina fights off the vacumn like a bullfighter while Ollie and Percy cheer for her. As she finishes, the oven shoots out a cooked chicken, which Percy catches, but gets his hands burned. Spot then gets pepper poured over him, causing him to sneeze the remote out, which Ollie catches while Percy drops the chicken in Spot's bowl, which Spot eats. Percy, now seeing how destructive the remote is, throws it away. Spot's flea then moves to Ollie.


Olie's dad's invention of a universal remote causes trouble within the Polie household when Spot accidentally swallows it.


  • Olie Polie (Voiced by Cole Caplan)
  • Zowie Polie (Voiced by Kristen Bone)
  • Polina Polie (Olie's Mom) (Voiced by Catherine Disher with an Midwestern accent)
  • Percy Polie (Olie's Dad) (Voiced by Adrian Truss)
  • Frotey
  • Housey
  • Spot (Voiced by Robert Smith)
  • Clocky (kitchen)
  • Couchy
  • Strollert
  • Telly
  • Spots doggy beddy
  • Trivia:
  • Pappy And Billy Bevel doesn't appear in this episode.


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