Rolie Polie Olie Wiki

Olie: Maybe we should've washed up.

Billy: And cleaned up the mess.

(There's a brief pause and then Olie's tummy suddenly rumbles loudly, causing him to clutch it in understandable pain as it keeps gurgling and rumbling).

Olie (face slowly turning green as he speaks): Billy... I don't feel so good.

Billy (his own face turning green as he slowly looks at Olie while his own belly gurgles and rumbles): Me too. Do you think it might be from all that candy we ate?

Olie (his face is now a bright green): Yeah. (Tummy rumbles again). So, you still wanna live in a place with no rules, Billy?

(Billy groans in response as either his and/or Olie's belly gurgles again as we iris out. We then cut to the kitchen door. Upon hearing a knock on the door, Polina comes over and answers it. We then see the still wrapper covered and green faced Olie and Billy standing on the back porch.)

Polina: Oh dear!

(Billy groans as his or Olie's tummy gurgles loudly once again. There's a small pause).

Olie: Mom, we're tired of the No-Rules Club. (Iris out).

(We then cut to the living room where Olie and Billy, their faces now clean of the wrappers, but still green, are almost sprawled on the couch in the living room, Spot alternating between licking them as they hold a glass of either water or a fizzy drink, their tummies rumbling all the while).

Polina: Now you two just take it easy while I call Billy's mom. She'll come and get you. (She leaves to do so as Spot keeps licking Olie and Billy's faces.)

Olie: Thanks Mom.

Billy: Thanks, Mrs. Polie.

Olie: Thanks, Spot.

Billy: Thanks Spot.

(After a moment, we hear Zoey giggling and then see her coming in with a rather big lollipop.)

Zoey: Mmm. Yummy! (She slurps her lollipop before moving towards Olie and Billy)

Zoey: Lick? (offers her lollipop to Billy and Olie).

Olie and Billy (offscreen): No, thanks.

(Both boys groan loudly as their tummies rumble and gurgle ominously one last time the iris out closes in on Zoey's lollipop, which now takes up most, if not the whole screen, ending the episode).