Zowie's Harmonica

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Zowie's Harmonica
Season 1, Episode 8b
Zowie's Harmonica - 0001.png
Air Date November 22, 1998 (Sunday)
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Zowie's Harmonica is the twenty-third episode  of Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere episode took place on Sunday 22 November 1998.



After Zowie is taken to her bedroom by Polina for a nap, she is separated from her harmonica. Spot then steals it. After Polina discovers that the harmonica is gone, she decides that Zowie will have to sleep without it. The furniture and objects, unable to stand Zowie crying, plan to retrieve the harmonica. Tray and the leaf bloer head outside to see Spot up in the tree house. Tray rotates the seasaw, puts the leaf blower on one end, and has the sprinkler jump on the other end, launching the leaf blower into the tree house. The leaf blower quickly blows the harmonica down the hole, which Spot unsuccessfully tries to grab. Tray catches it and runs from Spot. The leaf blower falls and lands on Tray's back. The sprinkler uses the hose to trip Spot as the other objects cheer. Approaching the back door, Tray puts the harmonica into the leaf blower, who fires it into the house just as Spot returns and dashes after it. A frying pan catches it, but Spot bumps into it, sending the harmonica flying. Spot runs to catch it, but Tray and the leaf blower manage to get it first. A large pot stops Spot by jumping in front of him. Arriving at the stairs, the leaf blower fires the harmonica to a drawer and lamp waiting at the top, who catches it and quickly takes it to Zowie's room. With the harmonica returned, Zowie is finally cheered up. Spot, now seeing that the harmonica is not his, leaves as the objects listen to Zowie play.


Olie Polie (Cameo)

Zowie Polie (Cameo)

Percy Polie (Cameo)

Polina Polie (Cameo)



  • Home appliances have created harmony there.
  • The music in the background, when Spot is in the treehouse, is identical to Addams Family.
  • The objects have a major role in this episode.
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